Outdated Browsers Could Lead To Security Vulnerabilities

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Studies have found that outdated browsers could lead to network security vulnerabilities.

Today’s technology is fleeting. Security risks are ever changing.

Meaning threats are becoming stealthier and more sophisticated, leaving your business at a higher risk every passing moment.

Attackers can easily break your walls successfully if you’ve unknowingly flown under their radar. Breaches lead to business downtime or information infringement. To which causes business anarchy ranging a total damage of thousands to even millions of dollars.

It only takes ONE device to fracture your entire network.

Keeping up with your applications and updating the latest security patches is necessary for a business. But even these fragile patches and updates are powerless against a full-time hacker.

Continuum released a chart which reveals the percentage of security vulnerable businesses running on outdated browsers.

Browsers – yes, only one unpatched and outdated browser is enough for cyber-criminals to crack your whole business network.

Which outdated browsers are most used by businesses?

outdated browsers - Comlink Solutions - managed IT Support and Services SydneyTop 3 Things to Ask Your IT Service Provider | Comlink Solutions - Managed IT Support and Services Sydney

It only takes one flaw.

Installed applications or outdated browsers can set a platform for attackers to manipulate your entire system and gain access.

Cyber-criminals could easily determine which software vulnerabilities are the easiest targets.

According to Continuum, hackers typically seek applications with a high volume and frequency usage to maximize their attack intensity. Adobe Flash, Microsoft Office, and Internet Browsers are some of the applications found easiest to break.

How Do You Mitigate These Risks?

The time and bandwidth allotted for updating the latest security flaws are usually an expensive resource for small to medium-sized businesses.

This where Managed Services Provider comes into the picture and save the day.

An effective Managed Service Provider can mitigate these risks. Proactive support should keep the health of your network at its best.

Installing any random patch update is not helpful and recommended.

Developers produce patches upon patches of application updates until it is free from any bugs or glitches.

Consider a security expert’s point-of-view. Random patches may have unseen vulnerabilities and installation issues — potentially exposing your devices to even more risks.

It’s important for an expert’s decision which patch can be good or bad for your system. And this decision is based on your Managed Service Provider to update only the appropriate patches in your most convenient time.

Part of Comlink Solutions’ multifaceted goal is to provide the best customer service available in Sydney. Adding layers of security to your system, testing and researching patches before applying them to any of your devices are among what we eat for breakfast.

Working with an established Managed Service Provider like Comlink Solutions can reduce your operational risks, increase productivity, and support revenue growth.

Technology continues to develop every day, leaving us with both an advantage and disadvantage. Hundreds of internet cyber-criminals are getting more progressive each day. It could only be a matter of time until they find you under their radar.

Do not compromise your business’ safety. Contact your Managed Service Provider now.Top 3 Things to Ask Your IT Service Provider | Comlink Solutions - Managed IT Support and Services Sydney


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