Our History

With 17 years in the industry, Comlink have supported over 300 clients—from Mid-Large Australian Markets to ASX/ASIC/ASF Licensed Companies. We succeed in meeting all of our clients’ demands in providing comprehensive business IT Solutions and Services.

We provide the hardware to help you reduce operational risk, increase productivity, and support revenue growth.

Comlink Solutions is a company founded by Information Technology and Telecommunications professionals; thus being able to give the correct advice and recommendations the first time.

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Who We Are

Comlink Solutions is a respected leader in the IT Solution management services with a proud history and a long list of reputable ASX/ASIC/ASF Licensed Companies, Mid-Large Australian Market clients.

We are geared up for an all-inclusive services and solutions in attending all of your needs with the lowest turnaround time in the market to deliver proven, outstanding results.

Customer service is Comlink’s number one key priority.

From 19 different programs and 100 procedures, we boiled down to the state-of-the-art protocol we have specifically created and invested in; all of these to become more efficient and effective in delivering you a highly-exceptional service.

Acting as a vendor-neutral advocate, we take the time to understand your business needs, identify possible approaches, deliver in-depth business analyses, and provide recommended solutions.

Comlink Solutions will also design and implement the logical & physical architecture and follow this with ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the continued profit of your business.

With the frequent changes in technology, Comlink is always in training to find the right balance between your industry’s best practice and to generate all your business’ requirements.

We utilise the knowledge and industry experience of our consultants to offer best-proven solutions to clients’ complex business technological needs.

The systematic and structured approach of our business processes provides a step-by-step disciplined approach for each consultation session, ensuring both high-quality delivery and efficient use of resources.

Rest assured – the success of your company is our main concern.

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