Could your Cloud be at Risk?

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Many businesses have been utilizing the benefits of Cloud Services.

Its low operational costs, service offerings, and adaptability are but a few of its key features that benefit organizations.

But the security and business risks we take increases as we rely more and more on the growing technology that is the cloud. A Cloud server can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks and security breaches, resulting in threatened data confidentiality and transactions.

There’s no telling what’s coming and your cloud service could be next.

How can you mitigate the risks in Cloud management?

Matthew Rosenquist, one of Intel’s cybersecurity strategist, has listed down a few tips on how marketers can safely grow their investments on cloud management and diminish the equally growing risks it brings.

How To Mitigate Cloud Services Risk

  1. Be informed by understanding both the benefits and risks of cloud adoption.
  2. Know the threats and types of attacks that put your cloud data and services at risk.
  3. Establish practices to cover the Top 10 assurance categories for a cloud.
  4. Build a quality plan by leveraging expert resources.
  5. Establish accountability across the lifecycle.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask. Nobody gets it right alone!

Could your Cloud be at Risk? - Cloud Services - Comlink Solutions

For more strategic recommendations for cloud adoption, see the slideshow embedded below:

“It is important to follow a path of practical steps for cloud service adoption in order to manage the risks while accessing the plethora of benefits.” says Rosenquist.

Each of the team must understand the importance of security challenges, leverage available expertise, and establish a comprehensive plan. Leveraging cloud technology can offer great opportunities, but only with a lower risk transaction.

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