IT Project Management


When it comes to project management, trust and reliability are non-negotiable aspects of any working relationship between a project manager, the client, and the community. These are the foundations on which Comlink Solutions builds every project; to let our clients focus on their core businesses with peace of mind. Having the peace of mind that your objectives will be met is what Comlink can assure you with their trusted practices.

Project Management comes in a systematic approach. By coming up with a well-planned and methodological procedure tailored to fit a project’s needs, it will help project management to accomplish important things first before moving on to other tasks.

In Project Management, our goal is to always add value to all customers.

There is basically a methodology for you to follow that would lead to a successful project accomplishment. Initiation, Planning, and Execution.

  • Initiation Step

Initiation is the first step in project management where we usually identify the project’s case; defining what the project is and doing a little bit of research.

  • Planning Step

Planning focuses on identifying the case and the probable solutions. This step requires a specific, achievable, and timely goals for the project.

  • Execution

The probable solutions are expected to be executed on this stage and the ongoing monitoring or control is performed.


Comlink is consulted by firms looking to engage our services in a specific project to implement in their IT landscape.
Both casual clients or existing managed service clients can work with us on a project-by-project basis.

With our professional Project Management approach, you can get the peace of mind that every detail and goal of the project will be attained by our expert IT managers and staff. This may range from an in-house IT Support to basic consultancy that best suits your needs.

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