85% of Organizations Have Suffered Phishing Attacks. You Could be Next.

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85% of organizations have suffered phishing attacks. You could be next.

Are you sure your business is safe from phishing?

Phishing, by definition, is the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.”

Not only are more organizations falling victim to this, but the crime has become a fully funded black business at a sophisticated level.

89% of attacks are carried out by organized crime with more than 3 billion in losses in 2016 alone.

In fact, your business is 6 times more likely to click on a phishing email than a genuine marketing one!

Crazy, right? Worried about your business yet?

You can contact a Managed Service Provider like Comlink to keep these phishers at bay from your business.

But before all else, learn the ropes and their methods.

Watch the video below to learn how easy it is for phishers to crack your top-notch security with a bonus 3-point steps on stopping your business from taking the bait.





Phishing attacks have seen a meteoric rise lately as attackers continue to refine tactics, share successful attack types and take advantage of malware as a service offering on the dark web.
Phishing is big business.
89% of attacks are carried out by organized crime with more than three billion in losses in 2016 alone. People are six times more likely to click on a phishing email than a genuine marketing one.
And while phishers often use the spray-and-pray math email approach with consumers, with businesses they prefer a more targeted spear phishing approach.
A common fear phishing attack that works something like this, I’m a bad guy and I do a quick web search for tech companies rumored to go public.
I find this news story saying that this company’s recent IPO, though a bit rocky, may pave the way for other company’s IPO as well.
I decided to target one company on the list: totalprotect.net, [do a] quick Google search.
Let’s find out who’s who with this company.
Now here we go. I found the CFO Mikey-boy who has a LinkedIn profile, of course. And look: here’s his accounts payable coordinator John. He’ll make a good sucker.
So I buy a cheap domain: total – protect.net and send an email to John as though I’m the CFO. I reference the current event, “snapchat am I right that’s messed up – hey I need you to cut a check to a consultant so our IPO doesn’t get messed up.  this is between you and me. don’t ask questions. I’m on my phone.”
John, diligent foot soldier that he is, gets back to me forthwith.
I’ve got him on the hook and as such quickly set up a bank account and send him the details.
Apply a little pressure. Apply a little more pressure. “Come on, man. It’s Friday the bank’s about to close.”
John comes back all set. The money’s mine and the real-life Mike and John are going to have an awkward conversation on Monday morning.

So how do you stop your business from taking the bait? We need to put in anti-phishing protection at every point the attack chain.

1. Educate your users
They are your weakest link in inevitably clicking on and acting on phishing emails or phone calls. Keep them above the threat and what to look out for with simulated testing and training.
2. Stop threats at the door
Ensure your email. Web protection can block the threats and stop them from entering your business.
3. Secure your last line of defense
Phishing often leads to malware attacks. Deploy advanced anti-ransom-ware and anti-exploit protection to stop these threats before they can execute.

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