Medical IT Support

Medical practices are now required to meet both ends of sustaining a stable network (Medical IT Support) and providing the healthcare needs of the continuously growing and dynamic industry.


Despite all efforts, many organizations still experience negative EHR software reviews.


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Complex issues such as hardware errors, connectivity problems, and performance breakdowns often cause more chaos instead of providing a simpler IT system. Not only that – add the risk of your defence growing more exposed and vulnerable as people continuously develop new and advanced technology.

Let’s face the truth: not all medical providers could compete with their own in-house resources to operate as an effective round-the-clock IT performance.

This is where a first-rate IT support becomes crucial. More so in dealing with the critical information of healthcare practice.

With an experienced Medical IT Provider, you can:

  • Cut down expensive costs of buying and managing technology solutions;
  • Actively secure your system 24/7 from all impending threats;
  • Access the most updated and advanced technology available;
  • Direct your resources on your specialization: medical practice.


Comlink’s Medical IT Support delivers the best technological solutions tailored specifically to meet the needs of any medical organization. Whether it’s a single-physician office, a clinic administration, or a ten-story hospital.

Our Medical IT Support can cover all your IT requirements, improve collaborative medicine information, provide access to research, centralize records with your patients, initial system installation to a full range support options, and so much more.

Comlink’s Medical IT Support team promotes all kinds of medical network services such as:

  Support/Upgrade of existing system practices

 Configuration of Remote Access Servers

 Complex and proven virus, spyware, and security protection for all servers

 Site-to-site information tunnel security or VPN and Firewall Configuration

 Onsite and Offsite back-up replication to protect and ensure all medical data

 Cloud Disaster Recovery

 Secure and confidential relocation/fitout

 Deploy, secure, monitor, and integrate all devices with device management support

 24/7 remote monitoring and help desk support

 All kinds of general IT ongoing support