How Managed IT Support and Services Help You Stay Safe & Secure

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Managed IT Support & Services – Comlink Solutions

New cyber-security attack, ransomware, viruses, malware, and all sorts of threats are produced every day.

Cyber-security breaches and attacks have become hot topics of the 21st century.

Somehow, in some ways, there are always cyber-security attacks, ransomware threats, viruses, and malware popping up every day.

These threats are becoming more and more sophisticated by the time being.

To help businesses steer clear from these underlying business security threats, we have set up 3 simple ways on how Managed IT Support & Services, like Comlink Solutions, could mitigate these risks.

Here are 3 simple ways on how a Managed IT Support & Services can help businesses stay safe and secure

1. Training And Education Of Users

Good user training and education of best practices is one of the key steps in mitigating business threats.

Managed IT Support & Services provide education on password management, how to recognize a potentially malicious link, phishing scams, and so, to name a few.

A small percent of your staff may be knowledgeable in cyber scams but an average everyday computer user isn’t necessarily aware of identifying such. This makes a better choice to educate your team to be aware of these threats and how to ultimately avoid them.

Top 3 Things to Ask Your IT Service Provider | Comlink Solutions - Managed IT Support and Services Sydney - Managed Service Provider

2. Backup & Disaster Recovery

Deploy a Backup and Disaster Recovery plan to proactively mitigate the consequences of an attack.

Most people think Backup & Disaster Recovery is solely related to backing up of files and nothing more. Little do they realize that BDR can be a great prevention measure against evolving security threats.

Example: Your business has been infiltrated by any form of attack, whether it be through ransomware, malware, or viruses from any device. Reduce the risk by immediately wiping out this virus and pulling out your backup data. Simply continue your business operations afterward. Fast and clean.

In this way, BDR can be a great proactive line of defense against security attacks.

Managed IT Support & Services offers Backup & Disaster Recovery, business continuity services and planning, cloud security, and so much more to help mitigate your risks.

3. Mobile Device Management

Most workplace allows users to bring their own device and do work from those devices.

The number of devices associated within one workplace continues to increase; at the same time, the business security lowers.

And since these are personal mobile devices, the risk not only limits to when they’re accessing sensitive information onsite.
It extends if one of your staff loses their phones with critical company information. This could leak your data to 3rd parties outside of your business.

A Managed IT Support & Services can help by creating multiple restriction and policies around mobile applications and access.

Backup & Disaster Recovery and Mobile Device Management are good proactive services but there’s still no substitute for a good training, education, and practice to help users take direct actions in mitigating risks.

For all of these services and more, contact your local and trusted Sydney Managed IT Support & Services, Comlink Solutions to provide only the best IT Support in the market.

Top 3 Things to Ask Your IT Service Provider | Comlink Solutions - Managed IT Support and Services Sydney - Managed Service Provider


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