What To Look For In Your IT Service Provider

By Comlink Solutions

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Choosing your business IT Service provider could be more important than your initial thoughts.

Best to pick one and stick with that partner until the end. Mainly because it’s costly to be jumping from one Managed Service Provider to another.

Spending enough time to research an IT Service provider and finding the one that will complement your business is an essential task.

To cut your research short but not without insufficient information, Comlink Solutions have listed down a series of checklist to guide you on your hunt. This covers the essential characteristics of your Managed Service or IT Service Provider.

Criteria in Choosing Your IT Service Provider

1.Business Objectives

Surprised to see this on top of our list?
Your IT Service Provider will be your IT partner for a period of time. Make sure that their goals and visions for their client (you) correlates and complements each other. Only this can guarantee a beneficial relationship from both parties.
It is critical to partner with an IT Service Provider who has its own mission and vision and understands yours, as well.

2. Technology

This is a standard requirement in choosing your IT Service Provider. Your business should not settle on less than the best technology available in the market. This is where your business security and productivity lies.
Your chosen Managed Service Provider should be well aware of all the latest technology and its best practices. This includes its disaster recovery plan if all defenses fail.

Top 3 Things to Ask Your IT Service Provider | Comlink Solutions - Managed IT Support and Services Sydney - Managed Service Provider

3. Reaction Time

Learn how quick your IT Service Provider can respond after a reported issue.
Cyber attacks or technology glitches usually come unplanned and a single workday downtime can affect your business greatly.
A managed service provider with steady hands-on and technical visits for any issues reported is a good support.
A good Managed Service Provider will offer you 24 x 7 x 365 support without hesitation.

4. Excellent Track Record

A business’ track record simply speaks greatly of its services. If your prospect MSP sports a decent record free from any blemishes from its previous clients, this can be a great step in the right direction. This can be a sign of solid professional work, client retention, and IT expertise which can be a combination for a long-term partner.

5. What To Look For In Your IT Service Provider

Here’s one of the greatest sign that shows your IT Service Provider is a keeper: it understands your business and industry.
This is more of a bonus, but checking this item might be one of a heavy consideration.
An IT Service Provider who understands your business would often recommend great improvements for your business and beyond its contracted services.
Being the expert in business IT, they have the right insights to support greater workflow, productivity, training, software, and security measures. Understanding the custom needs of your industry and delivering results will be a great killer combo.

Choosing the right IT Services Provider can be challenging. Your IT Partner will become your technological foundation and affect your business process, whether you’d like it or not.

Remember to carefully determine the right managed service provider who is not only a capable support but also complementary to your own business.

Top 3 Things to Ask Your IT Service Provider | Comlink Solutions - Managed IT Support and Services Sydney - Managed Service Provider

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