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IT Backup and Disaster Recovery preparation is a fundamental part of a business.  As the IT world keeps on developing effective strategies and tactics, security issues have been a common threat to many.

Every business may be vulnerable an IT disaster strikes, unfortunately too many businesses aren’t prepared for these. The only way to ensure that your own business isn’t susceptible is to have an IT Backup and Disaster Recovery plan. Comlink can assure you that they have the best technology framework and tools for a quicker and hassle-free service.

While having a well-planned backup is important, disaster recovery’s approach is different. So, what makes Backup different from Disaster Recovery? A Backup process is simply a copy of all your data while a Disaster Recovery is a protection that guarantees the recovery of your data.

As your IT Service Provider, we are guiding businesses in understanding and measuring the risks, create a concrete plan for mitigating them, then execute it.

Comlink guarantees your business will stay in business with our scalable and firm IT Backup and Disaster Recovery Services.

Data Backup is usually performed on a day to day basis making sure that all data have been copied and saved at a single location. This is intended to be restored to the original source. Disaster Recovery is made available in the cloud infrastructure. This is very useful as it is reliable, durable, fast, and cost-effective process of protecting and restoring data.

Whether it is recovering a single file, your entire database, or your entire server, Comlink Solutions assures you to cover quickly and efficiently for a secured and worriless system for your business.

We could offer you high-secured level of backup and recovery solutions in the event of a disaster. Start running your well-planned IT Backup and Disaster Recovery strategy.

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