Hybrid Cloud: What you’re missing with your public/private cloud

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You’ve heard of all the cloud models: Public, Private, and Hybrid… But what makes hybrid cloud unique and special? Here’s everything you need to know about Hybrid Cloud (and why you should consider it).

Hybrid cloud is a fairly recent model from the cloud systems that has made its niche in the industry mid this decade.

As companies and businesses have grown more and more hesitant in moving their data storage and computational services, cloud computing has found its new solution.

Hybrid cloud is a combination of a public cloud provider (e.g. Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud) and a private cloud platform (typically designed for use by a specific organization). The private and public clouds are arranged as a hybrid cloud but operate in a distinct and independent function.

This creates the balance of portability from both parties wherein companies can store protected data on their private cloud with the ability to leverage the computational resources of a public cloud.

What are the benefits of using the hybrid cloud?

With Hybrid Cloud, you can have more control over equal parties of the private and public cloud compared to a prepackaged public cloud system.

It offers the benefit of having on-premises, private infrastructure accessible without the use of the public internet. This means a reduction of latency and a relative increase in security.

Consolidation of ISPs, halting of Net Neutrality, threats between ISPs and service providers, and the reliance on internet access are converted into high risks at every public cloud access, unlike the assurance only a hybrid cloud can provide.

And unlike having the limitation on a private cloud, a hybrid cloud model offers is the capacity of on-premises computational infrastructure that supports the workload of your business while maintaining the leverage of public cloud on failovers. This means only paying for the extra compute time only when it’s needed.

Another added benefit is the flexibility of building server designs. With hybrid clouds, companies acquire the flexibility in rapid storage at a relatively lower cost.

Who can benefit from Hybrid Cloud?

The Financial Industry frequently arrange their systems with a hybrid cloud. Data security is the foundation of most firms – making the public cloud an unnecessary risk of exposing their groundworks.

Hybrid Cloud is also particularly helpful for cases dealing with the proximity and the physical space of offices – trade orders are typically pushed through the private cloud while trade analytics are accessible on the public, decreasing the amount of physical office space and the risk of job latency.

Law firms also utilize the hybrid cloud for the same reason. Offsite encrypted data secure their systems from impending risks such as theft, hardware failure, or natural disasters that could wipe out most files.

Most Healthcare Industry relies on Hybrid Cloud with their need to relay their patient’s confidential healthcare data to insurance companies.

Retail sales may use the hybrid cloud on transporting sales information and the analytics. In fact, many of the retail industry are increasingly avoiding public clouds from Amazon or Google with the fear of exposing their sales analysis with search engine markets.

It is crucial to understand that a hybrid cloud is not simply created by connecting any arbitrary server to a public cloud provider.

Hybrid cloud offers more access and control over both private and public components for your future IT Decisions. Prepacked software (SaaS) may face frequent redesigns and system edits without warning, in which could potentially terminate its compatibility with pre-existing content.

It is an effective strategy for a wide variety of businesses who wish for a tighter focus on security and offers a great flexibility in computing tasks.

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